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Squid-formerly Papyrus- Mobile app


Squid is a very promising mobile app as it provides us with the ability of taking handwritten notes by writing on the screen of our phone or tablet; it’s just like writing on a whiteboard. You can also use it to access PDF files and work on them too so it gives you the ability to sign documents and fill out various forms.

It also lets you import images and shapes to use it in the notes with the added functionality of easy copy paste you can move content among various pages very easily. It also lets you export the notes made in it as PDF text or images and lets you share it in Cloud.

You can connect your phone or tablet to a projector and use Squid as a virtual whiteboard or give presentations in various meetings too. Squid works so smoothly that you can zoon the screen as much as you want but still it manages to keep your notes beautiful and less blurred. The size of the app varies with devices and has premium features that could be unlocked by paying a small fee. This app has garnered about 500,000 downloads and has received very positive reviews.


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