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Steve Ballmer speaks up on Amazon and Apple

Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft openly expressed his views about Amazon and Apple and said he wasn’t amazed at the reports regarding Amazon.

Amazon was reported of creating a miserable environment for its employees which resulted in backstabbing.

He continued saying that in his view these are the places where people don’t want to work. He said that the number of persons who returned to Microsoft after joining Amazon can be counted. He blames the working environment and says that those are not the right places for innovative work. The environment at Amazon is not suitable to work as an engineer.

He praises the environment prevailing in Microsoft and said that the environment is very strong.

When asked about Apple, he said they have done a good job as the largest tech company, but he believes Microsoft will give them a hard time out there in the field. He said that no other company has ever tried competing Apple except Microsoft.

Steve Ballmer said innovation field is a battle between two horses Apple and Microsoft. This battle is between these two companies because these are the two companies which are possessed with the hardware and software skill required to succeed in the field.

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