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How To Take Screenshots On Snapchat Secretly

Snapchat is the mobile app, which is taking the social networking world by storm. The main idea behind Snapchat’s invention is a social networking app, which does not permanently store the chats, photos and videos that are sent between users. That is, they will self-destruct after being sent. Photos, videos and chats are deleted after being sent within a timeframe that is predetermined by the sender. In addition to this, if you take a screenshot of any snaps before deletion occurs, the sender will receive a notification informing him about the time and numbers of screenshot. By now, you might be wondering if there is any way to get around this. As with anything nowadays, there is always a loophole.

Steps to take screenshot

The first thing you need to do is to open the picture or video that you want to screenshot and ensure that it is downloaded onto your phone. Follow through by exiting Snapchat and turning of your Wi-Fi and data connections. This is the most important step as it means that you will be offline so the Snapchat servers will not detect any snapshot is taken. To be certain that the Wi-Fi or data connection is off; you will see a red bar with an error message at the top of your screen. If there is no red bar, then you are still online.

When the Wi-Fi and data are turned off, reopen Snapchat and take a screenshot of the photo or video. The next step is also very important; log out of Snapchat to wipe out any trace of you viewing the photo or video and even taking a screenshot. Ensure that the app closes before trying to reconnect your Wi-Fi or data connection. This will not work if you turn these on before the app closes. After successfully logging out, you can reconnect your Wi-Fi or data connection and log back in to Snapchat. And that’s it! The result will be screenshots of the video or photo and Snapchat will have no clue that you have taken a screenshot.

The steps outlined are basically the same no matter what Operating System your phone uses, even if the setup is a bit different. These steps will allow you to take a secret screenshot successfully. However, the makers of Snapchat may eventually catch on to this and find a way to bar this loophole. For now, it works!

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