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The 4-D Baby Scanning Technology

Good news for expectant mothers as now they can observe and get three and four dimensional pictures of their ‘soon to be born’ child. The Bedford Hospital is one of the first to get the latest scanning equipment that can do this amazing feature.

The new scanning technology is able to give very high quality 3D imagery and 4D images of baby’s movement inside the mother’s womb. Though only setback with these images is that they can’t be validated for the medical purposes and hence they are not found in the NHS.

The total cost associated with complete imagery takes around US $145 to complete process that includes image print and the digital images in the pen drives. Caroline Byrne, an Ultrasound superintendent of the Bedford Hospital told that the service for 3D and 4D imagery has been going around for weeks and had excellently fulfilled its objective by providing high quality images for the expectant parents.

The best part of the service is that it’s not only limited to Bedford Hospitals patients but is open for all the parents who desire to have a 3D and 4D image of their babies. The revenue generated through the service is used for maintaining services in the hospital.

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