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The Next Version of Android Will Be Called Marshmallow

Another sweet treat is coming as Google announced a new version of its operating system for mobile phones. The Android “Marshmallow” version is on its way as the newest for Android phones. It has been a trend that the versions of Androids are named after different candies and sweets. This is a way of Google to attract Android users to its sweet treats.

There are certain processes involved in choosing the name for Android versions, and with the Marshmallow, Google really made the public interested more of the new features.

Indeed, there are new sweet things to expect from the Marshmallow version. One of those is the Android Pay, a new system for payments without bringing cash. Google Pay has been used in some parts of the world already, and this one is a much improved Google Wallet payment system. Using your Android mobile phones, Marshmallow version, you can easily pay for your shopping and dining by simply tapping your Android to any card readers.

There are more features to look forward to as Google develops the version. You can also expect a more improved tool for bug squashing, battery saving, application controlling. This coming fall season, the Marshmallow will start its sweet treats to give you the best Android experience.

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