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Tips for Apple’s New Photos App

Apple’s all new photo app, called ‘Photos’ was released last month for testing by the developers and, to consumers on beta program. This app is definitely going to replace the old iPhoto and Aperture so you might as well get used to it.

The application is more user friendly with simple interface as compared to iPhoto and Aperture. Speaking about power, it usually resides between both the apps i.e. iPhoto and Aperture. It offers more customization than iPhoto but fewer than the Aperture.

One of the pros of the app is that it is amazingly fast. You do not have to wait for the pictures to load when you scroll down, they are already present there. You also have a lot of shortcuts present which can directly be accessed using keyboard.  So one thing is for sure, with this new app, Apple is not going to disappoint its users.

To fully utilise the features of the app, we have provided some tips for you.

  1. Libraries

One of the good things about the app is that before you open the program, all the other pictures already gets imported to its library. It can be used to open Aperture and iPhoto library by pressing the Option button while clicking on Photos App icon. You can also create a new library, but then it won’t be able to open in any other program.

  1. Editing a slow motion video

While capturing a slow-motion video on iOS device, the video starts out fast, then slow in the middle and then again fast at the end. With the Photos App you can edit the video and determine the timing of the fast and slow motion. For that you need to open the video in Photos and tick marks with two handles will appear. Drag the handles to the point where you want the video in a fast and slow motion.

  1. Sharing option

For sharing a photo in the Photos App, just click the right button on the photo and you will be able to view all the options where you can share the photo. Be it Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or IM it.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

With the keyboard shortcuts, using the app has been made really easy. With just keyboard commands you can perform important actions in the Photos App. Here are some of the shortcuts that might come in handy.

For Import: Command-Shift-I, for Export: Command-Shift-E. For creating a New Album: Command-N and for creating a new Smart Album: Command-Option-N, to get the Sidebar back: Command-Option-S

  1. Use of Projects

The Project tab in the Photos allows you to send order for calendars, books, cards, pints and posters of your images to Apple. The order will be shipped to the address of your choice and the amount will be deducted from your iCloud Account. Prints just cost a dollar and folding cards cost $1.50. This is cheaper and user friendly than both iPhoto and Aperture.

  1. Sync Photos of your choice to iCloud

Since iCloud has only 5GB of memory, those heavy DSLR pics will surely eat up all the space and you will be left with no memory in iCloud account. To counter this problem, you can create an Album and sync only that particular Album to the iCloud. You can also create an Album to categorize the photos of your choice and for proper organisation.

  1. Retouching

With the Photos App you can tune your photo’s exposure, shadows, brightness, contrast and black point. You can also add a custom dark edge vignette to add a cool look to your photo and also adjust the white balance, sharpening and noise reduction. To add to that, Red Eye tool will show up if any of the photo has a red eye.

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