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Tips For Handling A Giant Scanning Project

Photos are among from our one of the best-prized possessions so whenever you start to realize that your entire family photography history exists only in one vulnerable then you must have to put your scanning boots on. You can easily mail loving, beloved moments to the scanning service, but the fulfillment which you get from doing on your own is huge. While a giant scanning project can feel sometimes overwhelming, but all you have to need is a scanner, patience and these some essential useful scanning tips.

Purchase a $70 Scanner

Scanners can be heavy, huge and may be expensive, but nowadays the desktop scanners are inexpensive, small and also highly intelligent. For example, the Epson Perfection V19 you can easily take up with your laptop case wherever you want. This model has a fantastic scanning resolution of maximum 4800 x 4800 pixels per inch and also a removable lid for easy scanning bulky stuff. This scanning software is powered by a USB cable so you don’t require any cumbersome power brick.

Clean the scanning glass

It may sound something different, but it is obvious that if the scanner’s glass is not often clean or there may be a dust in the glass then it will definitely wind up in your scanned pictures. To clean the scanning glass just spray on a lint free cloth, but remember not on the glass because it can seep under the glass and can also drop into the scanning mechanism. Can of compressed air is another good tool to clean the dust from the glass, just simply spray on the glass and eliminate all the unnecessary dust.

Scan everything

It takes a few time and also some far fewer brain cycles to scan simply everything which you find easy rather than selecting which is worthy and which isn’t. You can also trash the bad images later.

 Always select the scanning software’s preview feature

Almost every scanning software has a Scan or Preview button. While it is tempting to quick click scan, Clicking on the preview option gives you easily approximation of the scan process which you are just about to make. This will let you confirm if you have set the software to scan in the color or may be in the gray scale. Grayscale is best to use for the perfect black and white shots. Sometimes the scanner scans several photos at a time into a single image file so you do not have to worry because you can easily correct it by just fixing and moving them farther apart or can also by rotating them slightly onto the glass.

Group multiple pictures into the scanning glass

Scanning a single photo will definitely consume your more time, it will easily take 1 to 2 minutes or even more, but instead of this if you go for scanning several pictures at a time then it will be done in 2 to 3 minutes. So here also, you can save your lot of time while scanning pictures. Scanning individual picture takes a long time as compared to scanning multiple pictures because in individual image file the software first straightens them, restore the color and remove the dust from each individual picture.

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