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Top 5 Best Music Streaming Apps For iPhone

There is no better way to relax ourselves than listening to songs after a busy workday and here comes a great role of the music streaming apps. If you are an iPhone user and thinking to pick a music streaming app on your iPhone, then it could be a little difficult job as most of these apps do not come free, they require a paid subscription. While there are many factors such as your musical taste, whether you prefer on-demand or radio-style streaming, we have listed down top 5 best music streaming apps for iPhone.

List of apps


Spotify is one of the most famous names when it comes to music streaming apps for iPhone because of its reliability, exclusive content and decent free options. The types of music artists that you will find in Spotify no other music streaming apps can offer that. Offline playback options, over 30 million songs are some of the reasons behind its popularity among the iPhone users. The on-demand playlists, albums and artists make Spotify different than Rdio and any other streaming apps. You can also go for a monthly subscription of $9.99 for better ad free experience.


If you love to listen to specific artists songs, then Pandora is a great app for you. Just type in an artist, touch Play and listen to songs. The app is available to download on your iPhone for free however, if you want to make it add free, then you have to go for a monthly premium subscription of $4.99. You can also subscribe for a year for a little over $40. The only thing that you may find as a drawback is the repeats.


Best music streaming app when you are in party mood or want to entertain a large group of people. It lets you sort music by genres such as specific subsets of music and decades. All you need is just few taps and enjoy the great playlists. This app is free and there is no listening limit.


Featured with a beautiful interface, Rdio has more than 32 million songs that make it one of the best music streaming apps for iPhone. This app also offers offline playback options, you can discover new music and edit stations, and many others, altogether it will offer you a great experience. You can download it for free or can go for a monthly subscription of $9.99 for ad free experience.


SoundCloud is a whole music community where you will find remixes by DJs, indie artists, regular people and also unheard tracks by popular artists. The great part is that with all these offers, it’s a completely free app for listeners. You will find SoundCloud limitless especially if you are into electronic. So, download this app and enjoy music.

All these above five music streaming apps are great for iPhone and you can download any of them. There are also many other apps like iTunes radio, Slacker, Beats music, etc.  and all of them have more or less similar features.

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