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Top Best Apps For Galaxy S6 Edge

Having one of the best and most high-end smartphones present in the market is not enough. All the high end specs present in the phone are useless if you do not have the best apps to complement them and to use its full technical capacity. Here’s the list of apps which would help you use the smartphone in much better and productive way.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

With the 16 MP rear camera in the Samsung S6 Edge, you would expect top end photography and to complement that you would require an appropriate picture editor. The Adobe Photoshop Touch offers a mellow down version of the desktop software. Although, it may lack some tools present in the full version, it still contains a lot of features which will definitely satisfy traditional photo editors. It costs $4.99, but it’s worth its price.

Color Note

With the new edge screen available in the Galaxy S6 Edge, you would want to utilise it to its potential. With Color Note, you can put color specific notes on the Edge Screen. It’s a great hack for note taking lovers. You can also take notes from the edge screen without having to shift your focus from the main screen. It’s a quick way to write down the data instantaneously and not needing to memorize anything. It is available for $1.49 on the Play Store.

Nova Launcher

Bored of using Samsung’s own launcher? You can download the Nova Launcher to replace your home screen with the one you can fully customize and control. It has a lot of options ranging from icons, animations, layouts and many more. It is optimized to do the work smoothly with polished animations and letting you use the phone as fast as your fingers move. You can download it for free from Play store.

Samsung SideSync

SideSync is the app for you if you are sick of alternating between your smartphone and PC during work hours. It helps you to reflect your phone screen to your PC or Mac which makes it pretty easy to access the Android apps present on the smartphone. With SideSync, you wouldn’t need to worry about placing your eyes on both the PC and phone at the same time or to just keep up with frequent notifications. SideSync comes preinstalled on various smartphones but you can also download it for free from the Playstore.


Evernote may be one the best productive apps for your smartphone. It helps you in writing notes, checklist, organise web articles docs, photos and discuss your work with others, right within the app. You can sync your work between PC and your smartphone can work from anywhere. Once you use it, it may become an indispensable tool for getting things done.


After using Galaxy S6 Edge you may feel disappointed about not having expandable storage on the device. This is also one of the downsides of Galaxy S6 Edge. To counter it, you can use Dropbox which provides you with 2GB of extra storage free of cost. You can also pay £7 a month for 1TB of storage space. With the help of dropbox you can also access your data from anywhere using your registered account. So this app may come in handy for users who exhaust their storage space easily.

VLC For Android

You would really want to watch movies and shows on that high resolution screen of Galaxy S6 edge. VLC player will fulfil all your requirements if you are into watching a lot of media through the phone. It consists of audio player, equaliser, filters and plays all kinds of audio and video formats. It is available for free to all the users.

Clean Master

If you want to clean up your junk files and thumbnails on your Galaxy S6 edge, Clean Master app may come in handy. Clean Master app improves your android performance by cleaning running applications, cache, Log files, Market History and deleting junk files present in the smartphone. You can also use its antivirus feature to secure your phone and it also includes Battery Saver and AppLock.

So, download and install these apps on your Galaxy S6 Edge and use your phone at the fullest.

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