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How To Track Lost Android Phone Without Tracking App

There are so many useful anti-theft and phone recovery apps available in the app store that work to help you get back the lost phone easily. But there might be a situation when you lost the android device or else it is being stolen before you could install any lifesaver app in the android phone. So what is the solution then? Don’t be disheartened as still there are chances to get back the phone even though you did not install any anti-theft and phone recovery apps in the android phone. Few processes to track lost android phone without tracking app are explained below, you can choose one that is convenient for you.

Different Ways to track lost android phone:

Method 1: Utilize Google’s Android Device Manager

 Android Device Manager is a very useful tool from Google to track down the lost android device and this tool does not require any other applications to be downloaded in the device beforehand. But it needs the device to be connected with Google account while access to internet is also required. Also the lost device should be turned on. Now the users should log into the Google account and visit Android device manager. Next, choose the lost android device from the drop down box in case there is more than one device registered with this Google account. Immediately it will track the location and will be displayed to you. There are two options available Ring and wipe device. Clicking on ring will ring the device while wipe device will erase the data from the android device. No doubt this method is helpful but in case the lost device is turned off or do not have access to internet; this method is not going help you out. However, there are several alternative ways and you can look at them.

Method 2: Through Android lost

 Android lost is another tool to track the lost device that is very similar to the Android device manager. This tool requires the lost device to be connected with Google account while access to internet is also needed. This ‘Android lost’ needs to be installed in the lost android device from Google play store. Once the install button is clicked, this tool will get installed automatically in the lost device. But the process does not end here rather android lost is to be activated and this is done by sending a message ‘androidlost register’ to the lost device through another device. It will be then registered automatically in the lost device using Google account details. Next, sign in to android lost from Google account and a click on the option ‘Send my location’ will track the phone. But this tool works in the android running on android 3.0 or later.

Method 3: Plan B

Android lost will not work for you if you are using an older android device that runs on 2.0-2.3 and Plan B comes in great help there. It works the same way as Android lost. This tool too requires the device to be connected with Google account with having access to internet. Install this Plan B in the lost device from Google play store and activate it. It will then keep on sending the exact location of the device in your Gmail id in every 10 minutes. So it becomes easier to catch the perfect location.

Method 4: Dropbox

This method requires the users to have Dropbox installed in their device along with making the ‘Camera upload’ option on. Now every time anyone takes a picture in the lost device, it will be saved automatically in the camera upload folder of Dropbox. And if are succeed to identify the location by seeing the background, the phone can be tracked.

Method 5: Using Google Map location history

 This is another useful option to help you in finding the lost android phone. Google Map location history does not require the phone to be turned on. So in case the thief switches off the device, you are still able to locate it. But ensure that the device was connected to Google account earlier with had an access to internet. Also the users are required to activate the location history and reporting option from Google settings. Now, when the phone is lost, a simple click on ‘show timestamps’ option in the Google map’s location history will show you the exact place of the lost device.

So, you can use any of the methods that are suitable for you and your device.

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