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How To Track Your Lost iPhone Without Installed Tracking App

‘Find My iPhone’ is the most useful app to track down the lost iPhone or iPad. So, all the iOS users are suggested to have this app installed in your device to stay safe. But in case you have already lost the iPhone and do not have this app installed in the iOS device, don’t feel down as there are ways for that also. Actually, ‘Find My iPhone’ works on cloud service and it involves making use of cloud service in a different way. All you need to have is the Apple ID and password. That’s it. Also you might be thinking that what if the thief disconnects your device from iCloud or turn off the option ‘Find My iPhone’. In case you are having an iOS device running on iOS 7, the ‘Activation Lock’ feature of this version will stop anyone from doing so as it requires the Apple ID. However, the possible ways to get back the lost iPhone is explained here.

Method 1: Use iCloud

 This method tracks down the lost device using cloud service. This is a step by step process.

  • First open iCloud going to icloud.com and log in using the Apple ID details.
  • Here you will be able to see the ‘Find My iPhone’ option, click on it and it will display a map.
  • Next click on ‘All devices’ and select your lost iPhone from the drop-down menu.
  • When the device is selected it will start tracking the location and will display the exact location of the lost device after a while.
  • Now three options are available. You can select ring and the phone will start ringing. This is helpful in case you have kept it somewhere at the house and not able to locate it. ‘Lost mode’ is another option to select that will lock the device with a password and message. The message should contain a contact number and this is helpful if anyone discovers the device and wants to return back to you. ‘Erase all data’ is the last option and its worth to select this option when you are not able to track the iPhone anymore.

However, this method requires the iPhone to be on along with having access to internet. If the phone is turned off, a notification will be sent to you the moment your lost device comes online.


Method 2: Use Google Map

 There is another way to track down the lost device and this does not make use of the iCloud. But in order to use this method, the iPhone should have ‘location history’ option enabled in it. When this option is on, Google’ location service make use of the location history to track down the lost device. Here are the steps to be followed for that.

  • First visit the site google.com/locationhistory from your computer.
  • Next update the date in the left hand side of the screen.

It will show the location data under Timeline and scroll down to the bottom to know the last reported location of your lost iPhone. Also don’t forget to check the Timestamps as it displays the last time when it was connected to Google. And this information will help you a lot to track the lost device.


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