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How To Transfer Videos And Images From Picasa To Google Photos

If you are using Picasa, then you must have noticed a pop-up which must have asked you to upgrade to Google Photos Backup. It’s Google’s cloud storage platform which was launched last year. Now Google has made the announcement that it’s going to cut the support to the popular photo organiser Picasa from March 2016. This is because Google wants to shift the focus to its new photo sharing application which came last week.

The reason behind it is that Google wants to focus only on one single service which would provide more functionality to users present on both web and mobile. But for the users who were only using Picasa as photo management tool, this change is a bit unwanted. But do not worry, in this tutorial we will show you how to transfer videos and images from Picasa to Google’s new photo sharing application. It’s really easy.

  1. Open the Picasa application and on Picasa Desktop Service, you will get the following popup- Save your photos and videos online with Google Photos Backup.
  2. Click on the option Get Googles Photo Backup and then you will have to download the desktop software uploader tool from Google’s photo website. Another thing is that you also have the option to ignore the message and carry on with Picasa but the concern is that Google will not be able to provide any support to Picasa after March.
  3. Download the uploader on your PC.
  4. Once you are done downloading the setup, run the .exe file and then software will be installed. Select the sources from where you would like to upload the videos and images such as Desktop, My Pictures, etc. If you want to upload a different folder, you can do that too.

You will also be asked to select the quality of images which you are uploading. It’s obvious that higher the quality, more space will be taken by your images. But Google has provided the unlimited free storage plan with which you can upload photos having 16MP size or you can also upload 1080 HD video. This is quite enough for the smartphone users. Any image that has the resolution above that will be downgraded to fit.

If your device has the capability to capture 4K and the unlimited free plan provided by Google doesn’t fit then you can also opt for Original option but the downside is that you will be able to upload only 8.2GB of data with the original resolution of the pictures and videos.

  1. If you are interested in having further storage, then click on Get more storage button and you will be redirected to page where you can select monthly subscription plans.
  2. Once the installation is successful, your uploading will automatically start in Google’s photo backup and your data will be uploaded to cloud storage.

So after the March of this year, Google Photo will only be standalone app to all your photos and videos.

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