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How to transform your Mac into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Have you ever thought that Your Mac PC can function be transformed into a wireless hotspot, which allows you to connect your other devices to your PC and share its Internet connection with them.

This can be used if your Mac is connected to through an Ethernet. You can connect your Mac with wireless devices and share the Internet connection with other devices.

Process to enable Internet Sharing and Configure Your Hotspot

In your Mac, you will see a feature of “Internet Sharing” which includes the hotspot option. The feature can be found on the System Preferences window. You need to click the Apple menu and then select System Preferences. Then you need to click on the Sharing icon.

You will see an option of “Internet Sharing” in the list. Then you need to select the net connection which you want to share with other devices.

The one point you need to know is that both hosting and sharing of Wi-Fi network can’t be done at a time through different devices.

For example, suppose your Mac is connected to the Internet through an adapter. To share the wired connection through Wi-Fi, you need to select Ethernet in the list which is available at the top of the window. You need to choose other options if you are connected through them.

Then you need to enable the Wi-Fi option by going into “To computers using” box. This will enable a Wi-Fi hotspot and the connection you selected at the top will be shared with other devices that are connected through the same Wi-Fi network.

Then you need to click on the “Wi-Fi options” which will enable the configuration ofyour hotspot for Wi-Fi. Select the name you would prefer and chose the best Wi-Fi channel.

Click on the “Security” box and provide a password. If you don’t provide a password the hotspot will be without a password and anyone will be able to connect.

When you are finished with setting up everything then click the Start button to activate your Wi-Fi hotspot.

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