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Travelling Out of Country? Your iPhone 6s May Not Like It

The Silicon Valley giant Apple.inc is facing some criticism these days, as two of its latest Smart phones are bloated with a serious bug. Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus that are running iOS 9.2 are having a battery bug, which does not allow the operating system to update the battery percentage.

The two smartphones were launched in September 2015 and are latest in the flagship of iPhones. After a huge number of complaints, Apple has released a support document acknowledging the issue. The firm stated, “If there is a change in time zone or if you manually change the time of your iPhone then you may notice that the battery percentage will not change while the actual battery is draining.” This bug seems to be related to iOS 9.2 and the upcoming updates shall fix the issue. The firm is currently working on two new updates, iOS 9.2.1, a small bug fixing update and iOS 9.3 which is a bigger update that will bring some new features for the iPhones.

Apple has also provided a temporary method to fix the battery bug in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. The firm advised the affected users to restart the iPhone and then go to settings à General àDate and Time, and switch the set automatically button to on position. The bug is annoying for those who travel outside the country on regular basis. The bug can also appear days after you manually change the time of your iPhone.

While the battery bug in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus is strangling many users, the firm has not yet confirmed the release date for the permanent fix. On the bases of assumptions the bug fixing update, iOS 9.2.1 will release in late January. Also there are rumors that Apple is going to hold an event on March where the big iOS 9.3 update will release.

The users who are currently annoyed by this bug are eagerly waiting for the new update and they will be glad to see the ‘New Update available’ notification popping on their iPhone screen.

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