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How To Turn Off Software Update Notifications Reminders On iOS

If you are using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and the latest version of iOS is installed on your device, then you must be receiving the software update notification reminders very frequently as a lot of iOS users are seen to complain about this problem. There is options to allow your phone install the update automatically or you can postpone the update for next 24 hours but what if you do not want to install the update at all? How to stop the iOS software update notification reminders from popping up on your phone?

Though no perfect way is there to stop the iOS software update notifications from appearing on your iPhone when any update is available but by following some steps you can get rid of this constant reminder to some extent.

Methods to stop iOS software update notifications reminders

Method 1: Delete the update

Deleting the iOS update from your iOS device is the best option to get rid of this problem and then avoid Wifi. By deleting the available update from your device will stop showing you notification reminders but as soon as you connect to the wireless networks and wifi, again the update will be downloaded automatically and start appearing. However, here are the steps to delete the iOS update:

Go to General from the Settings > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage > Locate the software that has been popping up on the screen and tap on it. Now touch Delete Update and confirm your action. Disconnect your iOS device from wifi.

In case you want to install the software, just head to Settings > Software Update or simply connect your phone to wifi and leave unattended. The update will get downloaded automatically.

Method 2: Postpone the update for 24 hours

When the iOS software update notification starts showing on the screen, simply select “Later” and then “Remind me later”. You will be asked about the software update again after 24 hours. You can keep doing this step again and again until you install the update.

Method 3: Install the update

Accepting and installing the software update is another step to get rid of the continuous reminder though it may not sound helpful to many of you. But one thing to mention here is that by installing the update you will be able to use the latest iOS version.

If you decide to install the software update, make sure that you backup your iOS device beforehand to save yourself from any data loss.

Method 4: Block the Apple Software update domains on a router

Blocking the update domains on whatever gateway or router your iOS devices have been using to connect to the internet is the last option. But if you follow this approach, it may lead to several unintended problems, additionally not a single iOS device will be able to download any update from Apple through the network. The devices on that network will also not be able to check for any software updates until it is reversed.

This option is mainly or the administrators, advanced users and sysadmins so try to avoid this approach.

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