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The successor to iOS 8 is finally here! The power packed and surprising splendid Apple’s Operating System ‘Monarch’ was announced by the Apple Inc. at the WWDC in San Francisco in the month of June, 2015. It was subsequently released on 9th September, 2015 along with the Beta version of iOS 9.1, also known as ‘Boulder’. Monarch is noticeably superior to its predecessor, both aesthetically and performance wise. Apart from being an improvement over the iOS 8, Monarch is astonishingly smaller in size and users will not have to face the issue of inadequacy of space to install this OS.

The ‘proactive’ technology that your iOS 9 is comes packed with a host of user friendly features. Our top picks have been enumerated under:

  1. The Power Saving Mode. This is an effective way to save your power when you are running low on battery. This mode, when switched on, elegantly restricts the activity of all the background apps and saves you the hassles of charging the phone instantly.
  2. Improved Siri
  3. The Notes app has been endowed with a lot of cool features. The users can now draw sketches alongside the text. There are number of sketching options to choose from ranging from fine liners to thick markers and aesthetically pleasing coloured inks.
  4. A dominant improvement has been experienced in Apple Maps, which now uses real-time bus and train information. This feature provides the users access to such information which they need to make an informed decision with regards to their traveling plans.
  5. Improved Wallet app for Apple Pay access
  6. The Spotlight Service. iOS 9 has greatly emphasized on making the Spotlight service better for its users. To active Spotlight, the users need to scroll to the left from the home screen. They can then search for a contact on their phone in Spotlight and it will give the users easy shortcuts on the same screen enabling them quickly contact the contact.
  7. Individual albums for selfies and screenshots
  8. Music on the Home Screen. This feature is aesthetically pleasing and extremely convenient for all the music lovers. As soon as the phone detects headphones, a single swipe on the phone’s lock screen can take the user to their most-used Music app and listen to their favorite tunes.

Another prominent feature of the iOS 9 is its capability of scanning your received mails and suggesting the users those contacts which they might want to add. While this was supposed to make the phone smarter, it has become a source of annoyance for a lot of iOS 9 users. There can be other reasons too as to why users detest this auto facility. One can be an issue of privacy. You do not want unnecessary nosing into your email app.

The major issue with automatic contacts is that it burdens your phone with faulty information and erroneous entries. As a consequence, users have to go through the hassles of manually deleting those contacts. Therefore, iOS 9 users are looking forward to turn off this auto filling of contact information without any unsolicited botheration. Read on to find out how to turn off suggested contacts in iOS 9.

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Select and open‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ tab
  3. Under the ‘Contacts’ tab, select‘Contacts Found in Mail’ and toggle this switch to OFF
  4. Exit out of Settings as usual and the contact details with the suffix ‘(found in mail)’ will be permanently removed from your phonebook.

The above mentioned steps should be pursued to turn off contact suggestions on mail app. Additionally, it shall clear off all unconfirmed suggestions that became a part of your contact list due to this proactive technology.

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