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Twitter Appoints New VP Of Diversity And Inclusion

Twitter has recently appointed a new VP of Diversity and Inclusion with an aim to improve their worker diversity numbers. Jeffrey Siminoff is the man from Apple who will replace Janet Van Huysse as the new VP of diversity and Inclusion in Twitter. Brian Schipper, the human resource lead of Twitter recently announced this news on twitter. Even this news was also confirmed by Jeffrey Siminoff via a tweet. According to the LinkedIn profile of Jeffrey, he was associated with Apple since September 2013 to till this week and held the same post.

Apart from Apple, Morgan Stanley is another company where Jeffrey Siminoff served the same job and he also helped the organization LGBT to launch Out Leadership.

An official report released in August revealed that only 1 % of Twitter US workforce is listed as African-American while around 3% workforce was being recognized as hipsanic. Also there were too few female workforces, only 13%. Twitter was criticized for such a poor diversity statistics. But not just this social network rather many other tech giants faced the same situation in past.

Twitter faced this serious issue on managing diversity in 2015 and it came to light especially when a lead black engineer named Leslie Miley was laid off during the October’ s job cut even though he explained that he already planned to leave on his own by end of that month. This engineer got involved in a clash with Alex Roetter, senior VP of engineering in Twitter on how to manage the diversity issue. He also mentioned that there was no manager, VP and director for product manager and engineering after his departure.

However, Jeffrey Siminoff will join Twitter as the VP of diversity and Inclusion in the next month and it seems Twitter will be able to cope up with this serious Diversity issue soon. Most of the tech giants starting from Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Apple experienced the poor workforce diversity issue and all of them have brought changes to some extent and very soon Twitter too will improve their diversity numbers.

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