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Twitter Gives a Heads Up To Users Who May Be Victims of a State Sponsored Cyber-Attack

Social networking and micro-blogging websites are the soft spot for hackers who can find quite a bit of personal information available through these accounts. Facebook as well as Google have already taken the onus to warn you if they notice that you are a probable victim of a state-sponsored cyber-attack.

Twitter is not far behind as it recently announced that some Twitter users may have been the target of government attackers who were attempting to get personal information of the users from their Twitter accounts.This is the first time Twitter has warned its users of a possible state-sponsored attack.

The micro-blogging site has mentioned that they may not have been successful in their attempt however it has offered suggestions to users who think their accounts may have been compromised. Twitter suggested the use of TOR in order to safely access the website and ensure anonymity.

Twitter’s announcement of the attack did not include any information on who the attacker was. This means that it is uncertain of the country which could have been responsible for the attack. In addition to this, the account that may have been attacked do not show a peculiar pattern. These warning have raised more questions than answers.

Users are yet to find the intensity of the attack but the swiftness of Twitter to keep it users informed is highly commendable.

A Winnipeg based non-profit organization, Coldhak, had received Twitter’s warning on Friday. Colin Childs, who is one of the founding directors of Coldhak, said that the organization did not find any noticeable impact of the attack so far. While this sounds like good news, it is best for users who have received such warnings to ensure the security of their account by following Twitter’s advice on securing their account.

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