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Twitter Plans To Take Its Logged Out Users More Seriously

Good news for the logged out users of Twitter as the company has announced to take these people seriously than before by introducing two updates. First, they are on the way to roll out its updated homepage that will make it easy for the logged out users to drill into the messages, videos and pictures without having to sign on which was only available to the US and Japan people till date. With this, Twitter is also planning to provide better logged out experience to its mobile users in around 23 countries.

Twitter has observed that it has more 500 million users who just stop to read the tweets without signing on. The earlier home page was really a challenge that this company needed to address long back. According to a team from Twitter, before today, users could just read the individual tweets but it was really hard to go through the top stories or the conversation. However, now users could dive into a game, could check out the top stories or can see the conversation that is happening. Twitter will launch the same update for mobile as well.

The main intention behind this two updates is to attract more and more people towards them to have a strong user base. This new home page will be made available in around 23 countries and people will be able to experience it as they will visit Twitter.com from their mobile devices.

Argentina, Australia,France, Japan, Kenya, India, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Colombia , Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, South Korea, the UK and the U.S are the countries to receive these updates while the web homepage will also be made available to the same countries except US and Japan as they already have it.

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