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Twitter Revamp To Allow Your Tweets 10,000 Characters Long Soon

Twitter is known for their brevity at just 140 characters or less but it seems no longer this brevity will be the soul of Twitter as they are recently on an ongoing project that will allow users to share up to 10,000 characters at a time. The project referred as ‘beyond 140’ is expected to launch by the end of first quarter in 2016. 140 character limits well describes this social network since it was launched a decade ago but now the users might experience a change in the message character limit.

According to Seth Fiegerman, a senior business reporter from Mashable, this new move of Twitter will shift the company a bit from its core principles and it is to see if this modification will cause any major changes on how people see and use Twitter. The report also added that, users will still be able to see only 140 characters of the message while scrolling through the feed and a click on that will expand the message allowing users to see the full message.

Twitter already has 300 million users and all are satisfied with what Twitter has to offer for them. But there are users who have been using this social network for long and making use of third party tools such as TwitLonger as well as posting screenshots from other places to quote passage. And this ‘Beyond limit’ project might be proved as fruitful for all those users.

Twitter’s Co founder and CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted to confirm the effort of ‘beyond 140’ project where he mentioned that they did not start Twitter with the 140 character restriction rather it was added on to fit in a single SMS messages. He has also called this limit as the ‘beautiful constraint’ that actually inspires brevity and creativity. Their plan is to provide more utility and power to the users.

Jack Dorsey took charge of Twitter last year after which he challenged his team to look and think beyond assumption to make twitter the best place to share what all are happening. In other words, Twitter is now ready to launch any change to bring back the millions of users who have just refused to try or else tried and left the social network in the past. So, hope we will witness huge changes in the next six months or in a year in Twitter.

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