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Twitter struggles in business world

Twitter has been struggling to remain online in several different parts of the world. As a response to this downtime, Wall Street has responded by dropping the twitter stock to its all-time low. Several parts of the world including UK, Switzerland, some states in US and Bangkok suffered from service closure for several hours.

Twitter takes pride in relaying the information to its users as quickly as possible and when the service started deteriorating its stock also suffered. Twitter has been trying to redefine the way users all across the world use or interact with the news and its recent blackout is going to cast serious doubts about its ability to do so.

In the past twitter struggled from similar issues, but since 2013 the service has been operating very reliably; but the current blackout has reminded the users about the dark past of the social media service. Twitter has been struggling to maintain its user base that has seriously affected the company’s net worth.

The company’s shares dropped to $17.24, setting a new low for the company. The blackout and the share price have attained more importance because the company will soon be posting its quarterly earnings report.

Twitter notified the users about the blackout by stating that “Some users are facing difficulty accessing services and the situation would be resolved soon”. Other than this statement the company did not offer any further clarification or updates about the issue. Since the closure, the service has been on recovery but is not fully recovered.

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