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Twitter’s Timeline Will Soon Receive Big Changes By Next Week

The tweets in Twitter are organized in reverse chronological order since the launch of this social network but now twitter is planning to bring a drastic change on how users experience the timeline. The change will happen very soon as the company is planning to roll out the redesigned version of timeline by the next week. In this change the reverse chronological tweets will be replaced by something that is being powered by algorithm to surface the most relevant or timely tweets but not just the recent ones.

The CFO Anthony Noto of Twitter stated in 2014 that presenting tweets in the reverse chronological order is not always able to provide the users the most relevant experience and this is why they conducted a test with some users using the non-chronological approach. A spokesperson added after the test that, their main aim is to explore more ways so that twitter users can achieve the best experience with having the best content.

Users will be presented with the most relevant content rather than the most recent and according to the CEO Jack Dorsey, they plan to make this service more users friendly and intuitive so that users who are very new to the service will find it easy to use. If this plan is executed in real, more people will be interested towards this service. But this feature would not be set as default in the beginning rather it would be added just as option so that users can use Twitter as they want.

Also there might be some other changes like longer direct messages, launch of the Twitter moments along with blowing up the 140 character. Though Twitter has not confirmed anything yet but you can expect the timeline changes to happen by the next week.

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