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Ultimate YouTube experience for viewers

Good news for YouTube viewers. For the first time since the launch of YouTube, It is planning to launch a paid version which is ad-free. Now you have to pay to watch videos. The interesting fact is that viewers will be able to access the existing free version of YouTube also. Red will serve as a complement to the free version.

The company’s chief business officer Robert Kyncl called it the ultimate YouTube experience. He also said that people are moving rapidly towards paid versions for the ad-free view.

With the removal of ads, subscription becomes the priority as till now the revenue all of its revenue came from the ads.

This new version of YouTube will have benefits like: Ad free features to download the video for offline viewing and the users will have access to YouTube and Google’s music stream.

In the initial stage after launch, the subscribed viewers will be able to see 10 web shows. More shows will be added in 2016 said the global head of original programming Susanne Daniels.

Susanne also said that all the videos will be open for free viewing, but for paid viewers the video will be available for an extended period.

The free site is still available, but users are being encouraged to upgrade for the new version.

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