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How To Unlock Your Chromebook Via Your Android Phone

A Chromebook represents a laptop which runs on Chrome OS. It is designed to be used offline as well as connected to the internet with most of its data stored in ‘The Cloud storage’. Since its introduction chrome book in year 2011, it has acquired a quite significant market share. The laptop runs Chrome OS as its operation system. The devices are designed to work as a cloud system.

There are many query usually asked by many user such as how to unlock Chromebook without password? How to unlock a school Chromebook? How to unlock Chromebook bios? How to unlock Chromebook keyboard? There many different experimental features available with chrome OS that can be tested by the user though many features are still in testing phase and may pose security threat or runtime error or instability. Solution and techniques of these questions is listed below.

Ways to unlock Chromebook from your android phone

The Chromebook offers many new features such as remote device control and default cloud connection between devices. Another interesting feature of Chromebook is unlocking Chromebook from an android device. This is achievable by using “smart lock” feature in any android phone that runs android 5.0 or higher and Chromebook running chrome OS 40.x or higher and Bluetooth.

  • In your Chromebook, go to Settings option and select Show advanced setup and then select Smart Lock. There you will be prompted to login into your Google account, after this click the ‘find your phone button’, this will start a setup wizard.
  • After successful pairing of your Chromebook and mobile phone via Bluetooth, all you would require is to bring your mobile phone near your Chromebook. A green lock will appear and will prompt ‘try it out’. A simple click will now unlock the device.

Google has really transformed the way by which login process and personalisation is usually carried out unlike Windows which is still using the password logins which is outdated and multiple security issues have been raised in the past for it’s conventionally security protocols.

How to activate various functions?

Before experimenting any changes and trying different features in Chrome OS, it is essential to take safety precautions as some runtime error can cause software and data failure. So, before starting anything like this always make a copy to save the system from an unrecoverable. To prepare a backup system simply insert the medium which you will be using as a recovery disk. Install the correct version for the recovery tool, latest version can be easily found on Google. Run and simply specify the chrome device you are making a restore image for. When you’re done, you’ve created a back up image. To start open the browser and enter chrome://flags. You will see a large list of features and options that you can enable and disable. This will allow you to use added functionality but all the options here are experimental, some till have some serious security issues while other has a stability issue. Just find out the right option which you should enable or disable to ensure the system stability.

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