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US Judge Forces Apple To Aid FBI By Breaking California Shooter’s iPhone

A federal judge on 16th Feb ordered Apple Inc. to help FBI by breaking an iPhone recovered from a San Bernardino shooter. According to US judge Sheri Pym the company should provide the needed technical assistance to unlock an iPhone 5C owned by the shooter Syed Rizwan Farook. The company is said to disable the auto-erase function that is activated after 10 consecutive unsuccessful pass codes attempt and helping the investigators in submitting the pass codes guesses electronically.

However Apple did not comment on anything yet, they have 5 business days to respond to the comment.

The incident took place on December 2 when Farook and his wife started a shooting rampage to finish 14 lives leaving 22 injured. Both the shooters were killed in shootout with police. This incident is treated as domestic terrorism after checking the couple’s communication with Islamic state along with other militant groups.

Earlier Apple was warned by US judges for incorporating stronger encryption in their iOS devices as it hinders the criminal investigations and national security. But according to many tech experts, a weak encryption is nothing but putting the users at risk as all their sensitive information will be accessed by the hackers.

This is not clear if Apple could do something to help the FBI as earlier the company said to a New York judge that unlocking device is not possible by them that run on iOS 8 or higher and the phone owned by Farook runs on iOS 9.

However as the incident is being looked as a case of terrorism so the investigators are allowed to work with NSA and CIA who could break down the iPhone’s encryption that does not require any involvement from Apple’s side.

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