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How To Use The Apple Watch’s Pedometer To Count Steps And Distance

Some people think that Apple Watch and iPhone are two different devices that complement each other and some people also think that without iPhone you really can’t do much with an Apple Watch apart from what a watch usually does i.e. Display time. But you may be ignoring one of the most important and useful features of Apple Watch which can also be used without an iPhone.

So let’s break the myth by declaring that Apple watch can be used to count steps and measure distance even without an iPhone. There is separate pedometer feature present in the Apple Watch Activity App that goes unseen by many users, which is directly attainable from your wrist.

Now that being said, we need to understand that even though watches pedometer can track the steps independently, it still doesn’t have the information available. Because by default, iPhone tracks all the information. Basically the data collected by Apple watch is sent to the iPhone so for the end user, it is only accessible via an iPhone.

And we all know that Apple has done a bad job in explaining how to use Apple Watch to track the steps and measure the distance without the iPhone and another factor is that mostly all the pedometer apps require the use of an iPhone to measure the correct information and to track the exact number of steps you have taken.

The reason behind it is that apple doesn’t make the step data of the watch available to the developers. So they automatically have to access the data of your iPhone which is sent from the Apple Watch.

But do not worry, we have got you covered. By the following the information and steps mentioned below, you can directly have access to the Apple Watches data, and you can track all the information collected by its built-in accelerometer and thus not requiring an iPhone to do so.

Before we show you how to use the watch as a pedometer, you need to make some changes in your iPhone.

Perform the mentioned steps below:

  1. Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone
  2. Select Privacy option present on the screen
  3. Select Motion and Fitness option
  4. Set the Fitness Tracking option to On

Now with fitness tracking option set to “On”, your watch will independently track your steps and measure distance irrespective of the phone.

Gaining Access to Step counter and Pedometer on Apple Watch

After performing the above mentioned steps, Apple Watch will independently start tracking your steps and measure your distance whenever you move. To check the information collected by the Apple Watch, perform the following steps below.

  1. Open the Activity App on your phone (it’s the icon with concentric multi-color circle)
  2. At the Activity Screen, scroll down with the digital crown or alternatively you can swipe the screen up.
  3. The next screen will display all the information tracked by the watch. You can see total number of steps taken under “Total Steps” and total distance travelled under “Total Distance”.

You don’t need to worry because the data collected about your steps and distance will keep on updating irrespective of your watch being paired to an iPhone. Alternatively you can still track your data via an iPhone, if it’s paired to the apple watch but now, it won’t be mandatory to do so.

So now you can use the Apple Watch without worrying about your iPhone and next time if you go for a run wearing the watch, don’t mind taking the iPhone with you.

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