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How To Use Your iPhone 6s As A Scale To Weigh Items

Apple always try to present us something new with its every set being introduced in the market and 3D Touch display is one such very useful feature that have been introduced with iPhone 6S and 6S plus. This 3D touch display made a lot of things much easier; for example, you can have a quick look at the mails without opening the mails, draw pictures with fingers and more. One more use of this 3D touch display is that it is used to weight item. Even it does not require downloading any other apps for that. Just few simple steps and you are good to go. The process is explained below in detail.

Process to use iPhone’s 3D touch display to weigh items:

Make sure you are using an iPhone that is having 3D touch display before going ahead with this process.

  • First you are required to visit the scale webpage from your iPhone. Here is the link- http://pltarun.github.io/scale/.
  • Next place the iPhone somewhere but make sure the surface is steady and flat enough otherwise the weight will be incorrect.
  • Have a metal spoon and place it on the iPhone’s screen and a weight of that spoon will be displayed. But this spoon is used to hold items for getting their weight.
  • You will notice a ‘tare’ button on the phone screen. Hit that button to set zero with the spoon.
  • Now keep the item that is to be measured on the spoon. And the weight of that item will be displayed on the screen.

So, it is a very simple process to weigh an item quickly. But ensure the spoon is made of metal as the stuff should be conductive. Plastic, wood, paper, cloth and glass are not going to work in this case. Also for better result, get a metal spoon that is having a flat bottom so that the items on the spoon can’t move as this might create a wrong result. Again be careful enough while placing the item on the metal spoon because if the spoon moves, the weight of the spoon will be added in the result.

This iPhone’s 3D touch display is able to measure the weight of maximum 385 grams. So, anything more that can’t be measured by your iPhone.

In case you have changed the sensitivity settings of the 3D touch display, the screen becomes less or more sensitive to this app. So, change the settings to ‘Middle’ which is the default level pressure sensitivity to get a correct measurement.

So, this feature is really cool that can be proved helpful in many cases. However, if it is something serious then consider measuring the item again in some other machine.

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