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How To Use the Microsoft’s Updated Bing App for Your iPhone

Microsoft released a significant update in November 2015 for its Bing search app for iOS. This version of Bing – Version 6.0 – focuses on finding information quickly. There are primary links to commonly used things like Near Me, Restaurants, Movies and Images. The new functions and features of the app are:

  • The homepage has gone through a notable overhaul. With one tap you will be able to find restaurants, movies, images, videos, maps as well as deals and attractions around you.
  • The web search has got better. When you search for something, you will not have to click in links to find the answer. You will see the answer right away. Important information from common and familiar sources along with links to the apps will be available right at the top. This will make your Bing experience even better.
  • Don’t worry about losing your stuff. They are all here. Your bookmarks and search history as well as Bing Reward credits are here. Simply tap the menu and you will find them.
  • The updated version of Bing can work offline as well. If you want to check your bookmarks and search history at a time when you do not have a data connection, then you can still do that without getting stuck.

The app is at its best when you have signed in, however it works well without a sign-in as well. If you sign in, your search history will be synced and you can access your Bing bookmarks too.

When it comes to using the app, the first thing you will notice about it is the user interface which is based on the primary function of the app – Search. The updated Bing app does a lot more than simple search, it functions intuitively to focus on the answers.

When you search for something you will find Bing answering your search query accurately. Along with that you will have links that will lead to further details about your query.

The new search user interface has three tabs – Images, Videos and Maps. Bing image search will answer your image search query by breaking it down to popular searches for celebrities, places, animals and a category for wallpapers only.

The improved News tab at the bottom of the screen is another notable change which you would enjoy. Version 6 allows you to slide up and see what is trending in the news section. If want to run private searches then the hamburger menu within the dashboard setting will allow you to do so.

Microsoft has put in quite a bit of work to ensure the application goes through a much needed revamp. The update has given the app great usability and has added some nice capabilities which will make Bing search a preferred choice when it comes to search engines.

The Bing app is compatible with all devices running iOS 8 or above. With an update that is focused on usability and experience, the Bing app is completely worthy of my home screen.


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