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Using an iPhone or a Mac? Do not visit this page

With a site name as crashsafari.com what are you waiting?

Tech security experts warn iPhone users to avoid clicking on the links of the site “of crash safari”, as it will override the standard Safari browser and freeze to your computer and restart.

Beware of pranksters on Twitter today, if you are an Apple user. Some people try to cheat their friends to visit crashsafari.co, a site that is good, pretty much exactly what it purports to do: crashes Safari browser comes with Apple iPhones and Mac computers.

Social media saboteurs use short URL link to hide the, so that their followers will be cautious, click it – crush your browser or start in some cases, force users to their devices again, according to some reports.

But fear not, the question is more annoying than dangerous. At most, it seems that you are on your settings to lose potentially open tabs depends. It is quite clear that affected are versions of Safari, but the site is reported that work on the latest versions of OS X and iOS. On an iPhone with iOS 9.2 6s tested by this reporter, he caused a second of the frustration, the unit was back to normal.

The website called crashchrome.com also causes problems for Android users running Chrome, although it is generally not the browser application that is closed to fix the problem without restarting the unit block.

While users can easily on the websites mentioned above can pranksters URL Shortener to make it more likely for the user to click a link without making the achievement of the original source avoid.

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