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How To Watch US Netflix In The UK

Netflix is from the one of the best movie and TV streaming service, but if we compare the content quality, the US audience gets better content as compared to the UK. Actually, this is not fair, but here is a trick which can help you to get US Netflix in the UK almost on any device like the Xbox, iPad, Playstation and the Apple TV.  If you are a fan of the Netflix the popular streaming server then off course you know that Netflix is far much better in the US as compared to the UK. It is because the American people pay fewer charges for the Netflix service as compared to the UK audience.

Gallingly for that the lower cost American Netflix users get more access to the TV shows and the movies and also get the latest programs and awesome films. To be fair, it is not really the fault of Netflix because most of the US studios offer many different deals to their regular domestic consumers and if compared to the British government then it charges very high tax rate. But you do not have to worry because UK users can also enjoy Netflix services as same as in the US. You have to just properly use the VPN or can say virtual private network in almost all of the devices like the Mac, iPhone, iPad and the Apple TV.


Is it legal to watch US Netflix content in the UK?

All you have to do is just watch the US Netflix content by just doing simple tricks into the Netflix. As it seems and it is also easy to do, but actually at this point of time you should also have to point out that all these steps go against the conditions and terms which you have actually signed up for the Netflix account. The Netflix terms and conditions actually states that “You may view TV or a movie though the Netflix primarily service within the country range which you have chosen and preferred while establishing your account.

So as it is against the rule, but you have not to worry because Netflix doesn’t check for the people, who all are using this trick and not a single user has been yet blocked. Whether it is legal or may be not to use the VPN service is more of a gray area and it actually varies and depends on the local laws but it is too hard to imagine that anyone is pursuing the case for the copyright infringement.

Indeed, of this many viewers also argue about Netflix that it is only technically broadcasting the US audience for the actual territory which it obviously owns all broadcasting rights. Assuming that you are happy to watch the US Netflix in the UK there is a simple trick from that you can easily access the US Netflix content while residing in the UK.


How to get the American Netflix in the UK

  1. CyberGhost essentially allows users to fool the Netflix server into thinking that users are visiting the site from the US location. To get started with this trick, you must have to download and install the PC CyberGhost app.
  1. After downloading and installing CyberGhost, you have to just click on the Simulated drop-down country box and choose the USA from the given list. Then press the yellow power button which is exactly located in the center of the main window.
  1. CyberGhost will now automatically connect you to the server, which is located in the desired country which you prefer. Just open a new window browser and then a screen appears which is surfing from a spoofed location.

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