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Both Whatsapp And Gmail Have Tops 1 Billion Userbase

It seems good time is started for the huge search engine company Google which recently over taken Apple as the most valuable company with its fourth quarter earning released while their CEO Sundar Pichai also revealed that their email service Gmail has reached a strong user base with 1 billion monthly active users. But this is not the one to see this huge monthly user base rather another most popular messaging service app Whatsapp too falls in this category as they have also reported of having 1 billion monthly active users very recently.

Apart from Gmail and Facebook owned Whatsapp, Tencent’s QQ witnessed 860 million monthly active users while this number is $800 million for Facebook messenger.

The growth of Whatsapp is very appreciating as they have hit this billion mark in just seven years after its launch. With a small team of around 57 engineers, the co-founder Jan Koum of this very popular messaging service app have been able to do a great job in just few years. Gmail took 11 years to have this user base while Facebook messenger managed to get 800 million users in eight years that was launched in 2008.

If whatsapp is integrated more deeply with Facebook, users will be more interested towards it that will help this service to expand in a great rate. And if this really happens, then according to the announcement made by whatsapp, it will soon see a strong user base of around 6 billion and all over the planet will start using it definitely.

The team of Whatsapp is planning to include interesting features like data sharing with Facebook, video calls, encryption notification etc. which if really included in the app, will definitely make it the top instant messaging service used by all in the planet.

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