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Whatsapp Scam: Tips To Protect Your Personal Information

Everybody knows what WhatsApp is. It has more than a billion downloads across all the OS platforms and it is also one of the most used applications. We all know that we can just share more than a text over WhatsApp. It provides us the option of sharing images, videos, contact details and what not.

The more information we share, the more vulnerable we get to the attacks which could happen over our privacy. It is really possible that someone can steal your credit card information through WhatsApp which you just shared over a text to another person. Your personal pictures can also be stolen which are meant just for the person present on the receiving end. You would be amazed to know that WhatsApp has more than 700 million monthly active members and all of them combined send over 30 billion messages a month. Now that’s a huge figure.

With the volume of information that is being shared over WhatsApp, you can easily guess that the amount of personal info that people share through it. So if you take the privacy and security of WhatsApp just for granted then you may be a victim of some kind of attack. Now nobody wants that, so here are some tips for you so that you can protect your personal information present on WhatsApp from getting hijacked and be safe and secure.

  1. Lock WhatsApp

This is by far one of the best tips to secure your personal information over WhatsApp. Just lock the application and put in a unique passcode which no one else knows except you. This way no one would be able to open that. Now WhatsApp itself doesn’t offer this feature, that is why you can use a lot of third party apps for that. The application is available for all the 3 main platforms.

  1. Block WhatsApp photos from appearing in photoroll

It is really possible for anyone that some of your WhatsApp conversations take place on a really personal level. So if you are sharing images with your significant other, the last thing on your mind would be to get other person’s views on the image. So you should keep those pics safe.

  1. Hide last seen timestamp

The last seen timestamp can be hidden on WhatsApp if you do not want others to know when are you coming online or offline. It may come up as an unimportant detail for you but for scammers that is a useful detail. This piece of information may be useful for them and they can know at what time you get out of office, from movies, what time you wake up and all that.

  1. Restrict access to profile picture

If you have not put restriction on your profile picture, then everyone will be able to see it and download it and you never know where it may be used. So you should definitely put a restriction on it and be safe and sound.

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