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WhatsApp is set to launch a high definition video call feature later this month. In what the group describes as “a move to make the app more lively and entertaining”.

WhatsApp HD video call feature is set to rival Skype Inc. video calls. The feature will be incorporated in the app next to the call feature. The engineers from the group say live video calls will be in high definition for those using phones with a front camera with 7 megapixels and above. Those with lower than 6 megapixels will get have their live video calls quality being 480p and below. An indication for telecommunication firms to make more phones with 7mpxls and above to capture the ever growing WhatsApp- using population.

What’s more? The live video call feature will be able to sync with other devices such as your TV and you will be able to video call via your TV screen! Interesting indeed. The WhatsApp video call feature is set to make the app more professional by enabling video conferencing with its high quality live videos. The way the engineers have made it possible to have a HD video call remains a mystery to the ordinary mind!

The feature is set to break a little bit of WhatsApp terms and conditions and allow the sale of premium adds contrary to WhatsApp’s code of operations. This move is aimed at increasing revenue for the industry which projects that ¾ of its users will embrace and frequently use this feature.

Those who have already installed WhatsApp and using it will just need to update the app and boom! The feature will be integrated in your app.


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