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WhatsApp users will be able to speak their banks about the E-mail application

The Facebook Inc. WhatsApp messaging service will be free, but may come at the expense of foreign companies with more access to users.
Previously WhatsApp users paid $ 1 per year after one year of use of the mail application. The company gets rid of the $ 1 fee, but said this year it would begin testing tools to enable contractors for user messages.

In a blog post, the company said that these tools will allow communication with organizations “You want to hear.”
“This could mean your bank to see if a current transaction was fraudulent, or with an airline to a delayed flight. We get all these messages also text messages and phone today by appels- if we are adding new tools to test this easier to do on WhatsApp to ensure and gives you an experience, without third-party ads and spam want, “the company wrote in a blog post.

WhatsApp said the company has no specific external partners not yet lined up, but more details will come later this year. The company is to plan it, these companies charge for access to users, but WhatsApp, he said yet to start on specific tests.
In blog post, the company said it outweighed the tax, since many users to pay no access to credit or debit. Working with companies outside was chosen as an alternative to having ads on the outdoor deck.

WhatsApp, said the platform not to collect a lot of information about its users – for example, it is not to keep messages – and so it is would not necessarily share that with others.
The application of 800 million monthly users in April 2015 in accordance with a Facebook FB -4.14% according to co-founder Jan Koum. It plans to cut the fee in the next few weeks later this year and to use third-party tools.

Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging application from the social network, uses a similar model of opening its platform to outside companies.
WhatsApp buy Facebook for $ 19 billion in February 2014th

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