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WhatsApp’s new bookmark feature coming soon

You do not want to take screenshots of your conversations or scroll through chats to find that one piece of data your pal shared with you days or perhaps weeks in the past.

With hundreds of messages exchanged each day, it receives difficult to maintain music of little pieces of records which might not be of our use instantly but are requisite later. In our WhatsApp wish list, we had requested for a function that allows for bookmarking messages and seek in chat

Granting the desire, WhatsApp has introduced the a lot wished starred message feature to its present day iOS model 2.12.9 which lets you mark any message with a celebrity so that you can without difficulty find it later.

The starred messages appear within the touch data phase as a separate folder and tapping at the messages indexed here will take you precisely to the chat whilst that precise message becomes dispatched. So, no need to take more screenshots now.

Starred messages also appear of their personal section in search results.

Apart from the starred messages feature, the new edition additionally provides a chat icon to the sooner study/unread feature.

With the coming of the brand new iPhone 6s and 6s plus with the three-D contact feature, WhatsApp has further tweaked its iOS app to assist the new display technology. With the 3-D contact-enabled WhatsApp, all you want to do is faucet at the WhatsApp app with various degrees to trigger alternatives for seek, new message, and so on.

It further supports the ‘Peek and pop’ feature for pictures, films, links, contact cards, and places exchanged in chats.

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  1. One feature that’s not coming soon: encryption. Promised for ages, but never implemented. I switched to Threema. Permanently.

  2. Bookmark feature? Wow, that’s innovation right there. I left WhatsApp (in favor of Threema) for the lack of encryption a long time ago.

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