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Windows 10 integrates into Microsoft updates

As part of the campaign to make the switch to the new Windows 10, Microsoft will be including Windows 10 as an optional update at first, and a recommended update later, offered to every possible user willing to make the jump.

Users of Windows 7 and 8 are the primary targets of this integration process, however, the overall idea in this integration is the ease of access to crucial updates such as upgrading to a newer OS without the tribulations of buying a CD and seeking genuine serial numbers.

This method greatly reduces the incentive to actively seek upgrades to your operating system, though it does imply that as part of recommended updates, Windows 10 should then be automatically updating for users whose updating options are on Recommended. Simply put, the update will download automatically but it is still the choice of the Windows user to confirm the upgrade to the new OS. All in all, users will have the opportunity to disable recommended updates anywhere between now and the release.

The decision to automate the next OS comes partly from the feedback received from users of Windows 7 and 8, also due to being left out from the reservation process for the next OS. This also goes hand in hand with the goal to make the next Windows OS much more accessible.

What’s more is that Microsoft won’t stop there. Their goal is to also release tools that make it easier for users to boot the new OS, whether it is from a DVD or a USB. Even the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions will work equally, independent of which OS the user is using and to which OS they’re trying to upgrade.

To conclude, Microsoft’s idea is to make its next OS release as easily accessible by any user, including users of non-genuine Microsoft licenses, thus covering almost all of the market of any Windows user, regardless of the nature of their previous install. This is an important step in Microsoft’s future, as well as its consumers, as it supports a world with free and open access to important technological progress.

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