Tuesday , January 23 2018
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Windows 10 review


The recent upgrade to the Microsoft was the Windows 10 and was provided for free to qualified devices running on Windows & and Windows 8 and 8.1. The new windows is familiar and very easy to use, it shares a lot of similarities with Windows 7 which includes the Start menu. It boots up really fast while resumes in no time. The new Windows 10 has got more built-in security features which helps keep you safe, and is so uniquely designed that it works with existing hardware and software already present in your computer.

It also includes a new web browser with name Edge and really works great, clubbed with seamless connectivity to Windows Store from where you can get unrestricted access to games and apps. The best news is for the gamers as it is rumored that the Xbox is finally coming for Windows 10. For the first time Microsoft has introduced the first smartphone that has PC-like power. You can very easily connect your windows phone with a monitor, keyboard and mouse so as to use your phone like PC through which you can use it for getting things done. We can easily say that new windows 10 really promises great things let’s see how it unfolds.

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