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Windows 7 keys tips and trick


It’s a well-known fact that a window 7 is still used by many people around the world even though now windows 8 and 10 have already arrived. Let’s see few basic things you could do in windows by just using the Windows 7 keys.

Windows Key + ‘E’ button

The best part thing about shortcut keys is they let your keyboard do half the work. Perfect example: This shortcut allows you to open the My Computer page immediately.

Alt + Tab

This is a really useful combination as this combo allows you to scroll through all the open windows in your computer. Like if you are using chrome and want to refer something in the word file you can easily use this combo to reach there, and vice versa. Same thing is also done by using Windows + Tab that does the same thing in 3D


Using this combo you can terminate any window in any program. If you don’t want to stretch your hands much use Alt+ Spacebar +C .Ctrl + W can also be used to close pages within a program like if you had opened a PDF file it will close it but not the main programs screen

Shift + Delete

This combo is really effective as it lets you delete a file forever as it can’t be retrieved from the recycle bin later.

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