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Windows 8 tips and tricks

Having installed Windows 8 and thinking how to use it effectively, let us help you out.

Customize your windows tiles

Yes it could be personalized according to your own needs;
you can move any tile from any place by clicking on it and dragging it wherever you want it to go. Many times while moving tiles we need to have a close up view of the Start screen you can do this by moving the tile either to the top or bottom of screen to zoom it out. Use can also use your mouse wheel for scrolling left-to-right through your windows tiles.

Keyboard shortcuts

Few basic key shortcuts will make your life much better

  • Pressing and holding Windows key + D will open the Windows Desktop.
  • Pressing and holding Windows key + . can pin and unpin Windows apps on the side of the screen.
  • You can press and hold Windows key + X so as to open the power user menu, which will give you access to many of the features most power users would want.
  • Press and hold Windows key + C to open the Windows Charms.
  • To open the Settings which is the same as found in Charms, press and hold Windows key + I.
  • Press and hold the Windows key + Tab to show open apps.

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