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WWDC 2015, what can we expect ?


WWDC 2015, what can we expect?

Apple’s developments conference comes close. Time to look at all expectations for 2015. What will come to us and how plausible are all the rumours that are widely spread? We think it’s time to prepare yourself because there are some hot items at the WWDC 2015! You can watch it on a livestream next Monday.

iOS 9

A new iOS version is a standard item, when we look at the past few years of WWDC. It’s simply a tradition and there’s no reason to  believe 2015 will be different.  The only thing we can think of is that there are so few new innovations in the new iOS that they will call it iOS 8.5. We don’t think so, it will be iOS 9 this year.

iOS 9, more stability

Two years ago iOS got dressed up with a new skin. Last year Apple presented a lot of new functions that where mainly interesting for pro users.  Things like Handoff and AirDrop between devices made the redaction of iCulture smile.

But users had some different thoughts. They complained about the enormous installation files and a lack of performance and bugs. We can conclude that iOS 8 was a dramatic version and every bug fix for iOS 8 brought new problems.

That should not be the case when talking about iOS 9. We don’t expect large announcements like HomeKit, HealthKit and CarPlay, the issues those releases brought to users are still been felt. iOS 9 has it’s focus on stability. Earlier this year Apple polished their OS and got rid of everything that wasn’t necessary. This makes iOS smooth and light without major bugs and not a large quantity of crashing app’s.

iOS 9: Better performance on older devices

Apple’s development department has chosen another way to come to the new iOS version. Instead of developing a hypersonic iOS version, with the focus on the newest devices, Apple laid their attention to better performance. That’s why iOS 9 should work better on older iPhone’s and iPad’s.

iOS 9 new font

Besides the San Francisco font on the Apple Watch, Apple plans on replacing the Helvetic Neue font of the iPhone and iPad. San Francisco is developed to be readable on small screens. It would mean that developers can have a lot of work to modify their app’s.  It is unlikely that Apple will announce this font at WWDC 2015.


Multitasking in iOS 9

The rumours that where spread from last year returned. Apple plans on showing two app’s simultaneously on one screen to make multitasking possible and efficient. We think it would be great for the iPad but not so practical in the new iPhone. Maybe this feature will be released with iOS 9.1?

multitasking IOS 9

iOS 9 Beta for developers

Like previous years it is likely that Apple releases a beta version of iOS 9 for developers to test and tune their app’s for the new operating system. There is no reason why Apple would do it otherwise this time. We assume the Beta version of iOS 9 is available for download next Monday at the WWDC.

Force Touch for iOS

The coming release of iOS would have support for Force Touch.  But because Apple would have to give details about the successor of the iPhone 6, we assume this won’t be mentioned next Monday. We expect details next autumn.

Apple’s streaming music service

About a year ago Apple took over Beats but there are no big signs of change. Only the headsets and ear plugs are somewhat more prominent in sight of the App Store. Streaming is the way to go and Apple knew that. A lot if i-Tunes users are switching to Spotify because of streaming instead of downloading. Apple plans on asking just $10,- a month for their streaming service. It will be interactive also, dj’s will publish live playlists and new albums will exclusively come to Apple’s Streaming Music service.

Beats Apple


More stability for OS X

Just like iOS 9, OS X won’t be innovatively changed. Here the focus will be at stability and performance also. There was a lot of focus on the security and it will contain a function to access your mostly used settings. The successor of OS X Yosemite will be presented at the WWDC, but the name isn’t clear yet. OS X Sequoia? OS X Napa? The geographical orientated names within California are endless.

Native Apple Watch apps

Apple has a new OS, WatchOS. If they want developers to know about all developments, Apple has to mention WatchOS. We don’t expect lots of improvements because the Apple Watch is on the market for such a short time, and it is too early for a version 2.0. But there is some other news. Apple will announce a development kit for native app’s. The new app’s will run on the Apple watch, and will be faster. Hopefully they have access to all the sensors of the Apple Watch.

New Apple TV

We talked so many times about Apple TV, that is ridiculous to mention it again. After 3 years it is time for a new version. Documentation for the Home Kit hints the 3rd generation of Apple TV is coming. But Apple tempered rumours. It would be linked to the new TV Service and because a lack of contracts it isn’t likely that it will be presented at the WWDC next Monday.

Streaming TV Service

Re/Code claims that Apple won’t announce The new Apple Streaming TV Service next Monday. Deals have to be made to give customers a feeling of satisfaction. And this relates only the US deals, the rest of the world will have to wait even longer. We assume Apple will announce this service later on this year to give counterweight to cable exploits.


A few days ago we mentioned ProActive, a codename of Apple activity’s to make Siri, Spotlight and other known services smarter. This is the answer to Google Now, to predict what you are going to do. We think ProActive won’t be the name, but it is still unknown what Apple’s name will be for the contender of Google Now. Possibly Pro Active isn’t ready for iOS 9 and will be split into  components as a release of individual app’s. In that case the intelligence sneaks in silently.

New iPhone and iPad

WWDC is a development conference, with focus on software. We don’t assume Apple will bring news about a new iPhone 7 of a new version of the iPad. Traditionally these devices will come in September or October so don’t expect new hardware at the WWDC.

When you have more predictions for next Monday or news from a near source , please let us know so we can inform everybody!

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