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YotaPhone 2

The Russian firm is back with a new model of YotaPhone, i.e. YotaPhone 2. The original YotaPhone created a sensation in market and this new version is believed to do something as same as its previous version.

The new YotaPhone 2 looks great and feels great. From the front it may seem to be like any other smartphone but flip it back it’s just different. On the front is 5in AMOLED screen with full HD resolution. Flip it on the back you will find 4.7in qHD e-ink screen. It comes with rear e-ink screen. The screen is covered by a 3D curved matte Gorilla glass.

This device comes with two screens, still it is very slim and impressive. It is just 8.9mm thick and weighs 149gm. It requires nano sim card.

It comes with a unique feature called Yota Mirror. This feature allows you to copy anything you are doing on the front screen.

Yota has some pre-installed games which can be played on the e-ink screen. The advantage of e-ink screen is that it saves power.

Another special feature of the YotaPhone 2 is that it comes with a built-in wireless charging facility.

It comes with KitKat operating system but can be upgraded to higher versions.

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