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YouTube Speaks Against T-Mobiles’s “Binge-on”

T-Mobile’s Binge-on promises lower quality video streaming from providers like Netflix, Hulu etc. for its subscribers but YouTube is not a part of the program. As a result, any video streamed from YouTube is streaming on lower resolutions than 480p and the service is getting slower, in response to heavy viewing.

YouTube said in a statement that users will be happy if the data charges can be reduced but it is not justified to strangle specific or all non partner service providers without explicit consent of the user.

In the last two years, T-Mobile has spent a lot of time in rebranding itself as customer friendly company. CEO John Legere rails against ills like long contracts in the company very often.

Along with other carriers, consumers at T-Mobile complain about the Monthly Data Caps.

T-Mobile did not reply to the concerns of YouTube but in a tweet from Legere, he mentioned that the customers can switch off the Binge-on service if they want. The Binge-on service is automatically turned-on service and can only be turned off via T-Mobile’s website or its app.

In February, the FCC (Federal Communication Division) adopted a new set of rules, called the Net Neutrality Rules, which make sure that the internet providers do not favor one source over another. Earlier this month, Roger Sherman, chief of the FCC wireless telecommunications division, wrote to T-Mobile and expressed his concerns over T-Mobile’s practice of excluding service providers. He asked T-Mobile to explain to FCC by January 15 how its Binge-On program maintains “a free and open Internet while incentivizing investment and innovation.”

The Internet Association, A Trade Group, issued a statement against T-Mobile’s Binge-on in which they applauded the step taken by FCC on the practice and the potential harm it can cause to consumers and service providers.

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