Cisco Enhances Security Breach Protection Service

Cisco’s Breach Protection Suite is advancing with a new premier service level which incorporates managed XDR and aims to relieve the strain on enterprises with limited resources.

A new highest-level service tier is being incorporated into Cisco’s range of security services. This is intended to assist customers in monitoring, identifying, investigating, and mitigating threats throughout their organization.

The latest inclusion in this offering is a Premier service level for Cisco’s Breach Protection Suite. This suite integrates a variety of Cisco’s security products, featuring its extended detection and response (XDR), secure endpoint and email threat defense packages.

The XDR service by Cisco amalgamates multiple Cisco and third-party security products to regulate network access, analyze incidents, mitigate threats, and automate responses via a single cloud-based interface. Additionally, Cisco’s endpoint and email security packages take care of functions such as identifying and obstructing threats and managing malware.

Breach Protection Premier introduces managed XDR (MXDR). This service is run by a committed team of Cisco security experts. Their mission is to monitor, identify, and probe threats throughout the corporate ecosystem. Their objective is to rapidly address threats through directed reaction measures. The details were given by Nirav Shah, a product marketing manager at Cisco Secure, in a blog post about the recently released Premier service.

“There are many security teams that cannot swiftly and efficiently identify and react to attacks because of a deficiency of resources, high operational difficulty, and an excess of alerts,” Shah penned. “There are also organizations that find it either too time-consuming or costly to create and manage their own security operations. While some have small teams that find it challenging to keep an eye on their ecosystem round the clock.”

Breach Protection Premier can alleviate these challenges. It also includes the Cisco Technical Security Assessment and select Cisco Talos Incident Response services. These help clients gird for and respond to assaults through a comprehensive suite of proactive and incident response services according to Shah. “Breach Protection Premier can also more quickly notice and answer advanced threats by prioritizing the most urgent alerts and merging our human expertise with AI-aided procedures and toolkits,” he says. “Whenever threats are identified, you can decrease remediation times with automated responses taken on your behalf.”

Moreover, this service can assist clients in speeding up the adoption of new security instruments – irrespective of their vector or provider. The managed service includes integration support for third-party products as per Shah’s statement.

The Premier level of protection builds on services included in the other two levels of Cisco’s Breach Protection services: Essentials, which focuses on email, endpoint and basic XDR services, and the Advantage level, which includes network-based breach detection support and protection for IoT devices, Cisco stated.

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