Sony’s Future PlayStation Controller: A Futuristic Vision Inspired by Minority Report

In 2034, your PlayStation controller might look like this.

By Darryn Bonthuys

Twitter: @Darrangedd on May 23, 2024 at 5:24 AM PDT

As part of its long-term strategy, Sony briefly showed a concept for a high-tech PlayStation controller in a new promotional video. To detail its Creative Entertainment Vision strategy designed to show what its products could look like a decade from now, the video showed off a controller with a radical redesign compared to the current DualSense model.

“Ten years from now, we will be living in a more multi-layered world where physical and virtual realities overlap without boundaries,” Sony said in the video synopsis. “If Sony, as a creative entertainment company, would be filling the world with new

Kando–a Japanese word meaning ’emotional involvement’ or ‘deep impression’– in that future, what kind of experiential value would we be offering to make that happen? To explore this question, we conducted a prototyping exercise under the concept of Creative Entertainment Vision.”

This controller still has analog sticks and a familiar shape, but regular face buttons and the D-pad have been replaced entirely by new inputs. There’s also a floating screen above the controller–accessed via a fancy virtual- and mixed-reality headset in the video–and gameplay of a character exploring space. Someone at Sony is clearly a big fan of Minority Report.

Of course, this is just a brief snippet of what Sony wants to aim for in the future, and technology like this rolling out on a large scale will likely be a lot more than just a decade away.

Looking toward the more immediate future, it has been reported that Sony is preparing to launch a mid-gen refresh of the PS5, dubbed the PS5 Pro. Recent leaks suggest that it will have a more powerful GPU and a slightly faster CPU mode, and Sony is reportedly asking game developers to create an enhanced- graphics mode in their games so that these titles can have a PS5 Pro “Enhanced” label.

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