Netskope Enhances SaaS App Security Using Generative AI Capabilities

Netskope has recently unveiled additions to its Netskope One platform, bringing generative AI and new security capabilities for software-as-a-service (SaaS) within its secure access security edge (SASE) solution. Observers in the industry note that these advancements will aid IT departments in enterprises by minimizing risks of data leaks associated with generative AI and enhancing the classification of SaaS offerings.

The updated Netskope One platform now includes functionalities designed to secure generative AI applications and deliver insights on associated threats. Through its data loss prevention (DLP) technology, it can better identify emergent threats, close security cracks, diminish costs, simplify processes, and bolster overall security measures.

“Netskope One is the premier unified platform employing AI to manage the burgeoning numbers of SaaS and generative AI applications, swiftly and precisely categorizing these tools and their associated dangers better than other products currently available,” stated John Martin, chief product officer at Netskope, according to a press release. The integration of generative AI algorithms within its cloud access security broker (CASB) component allows for automatic assessment of risks pertaining to new and unrecognized SaaS applications and more.

Christopher Rodriguez, research director for security and trust at IDC, mentioned that the enhancements in Netskope One are beneficial for companies utilizing both genAI and SaaS technologies, assisting them in reinforcing their security frameworks and refining their policy designs.

“NetSkope has introduced new measures to enhance the security management of generative AI applications used by businesses. Rodriguez says, “There is a universal move within the security field towards this end.” Netskope itself is leveraging generative AI to boost their performance concerning SaaS security. By doing so, they are avoiding potential data breaches into generative AI applications and also utilizing generative AI to better examine SaaS applications. This implementation enables Netskope’s systems to analyze and differentiate SaaS applications effectively, a crucial step in SaaS security management.”

According to Netskope’s 2024 Cloud and Threat Report, the typical enterprise worker uses between 11 and 33 different cloud applications monthly, and there has been a 400% increase in generative AI app engagement year on year. IDC’s Rodriguez points out that effective policy-making and control over SaaS apps hinge on having a reliable initial baseline of safe and risky applications. Additionally, a key advantage of the Netskope One platform is its incorporation of large language models (LLM) that simplify the data for human users.”

“Security professionals are now able to pose queries in natural language to better gauge the security risks associated with new or specific applications. This ability significantly cuts down on errors caused by human oversight,” mentions Rodriguez. He adds, “Despite the excitement surrounding AI and sophisticated security analytics, humans remain the most effective at handling complex and uncertain security scenarios. Nevertheless, enhancing their tools is crucial for boosting both their effectiveness and efficiency, which is a cornerstone of the latest generative AI advancements announced for SaaS security.”

Netskope One is an integrated service platform that combines security and networking, and it has recently been enhanced in several ways:

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