Cloudflare Announces New President of Revenue to Boost Company Growth

A notable change has been made to the leadership team of Cloudflare, a global CDN and connectivity cloud provider listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Mark Anderson, a seasoned industry veteran currently on Cloudflare’s Board of Directors, has been appointed as President of Revenue as they aim for the next phase of growth, targeting $5 billion and above in annual recurring revenue.

Anderson has a respectable history of increasing revenue in various corporate IT companies. Possessing more than a quarter-century of experience in the tech industry, he most recently served as CEO of a leading data analytics firm, Alteryx (NYSE: AYX), before his association with Cloudflare. Furthermore, Anderson played a significant role in Palo Alto Networks’ growth journey from before its IPO up to $2.5 billion annual income. Before his tenure at Palo Alto Networks, he was managing sales operations at F5 Networks, where he helped generate over $1 billion in yearly revenue.

The CEO and co-founder of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, conveyed his enthusiasm for Anderson’s appointment and the unique chance it provides. He underscored Anderson’s extensive expertise in scaling expansion and his thorough understanding of Cloudflare‘s industry. To quote Prince, “Mark has been part of our growth journey for over four years, and we couldn’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to have him drive our go-to-market efforts.”

In response to his appointment, Anderson expressed confidence in Cloudflare’s leadership team and product strength. He acknowledged the firm’s industry standing and the potential for growth, stating, “The market is coming to Cloudflare, and the time is now.” Anderson was eager to steer Cloudflare’s go-to-market department and help the company evolve into one of the most recognizable tech brands of all time.

Mark Anderson is set to manage Cloudflare’s marketing, customer success, and sales teams. This is part of Cloudflare’s strategy to grow and escalate. Marc Boroditsky, the former President of Revenue at Cloudflare, will step down for Anderson to take charge. Boroditsky, who was crucial in revamping Cloudflare’s sales team, will remain as an advisor during the changeover.

Matthew Prince expressed gratitude towards Marc Boroditsky for laying a strong foundation for Cloudflare’s sales team and recognized his accomplishments. Prince paid tribute to Boroditsky for accelerating the company’s operations and establishing the basis for further growth. Boroditsky’s attempts resulted in the impressive bookings performance in Q42023, a record that Anderson aims to break in his new role.

To sum up, the appointment of Mark Anderson as the President of Revenue at Cloudflare is a strategic move designed to expedite the company’s growth path. Given his wide-ranging skills and history, Mr. Anderson is well-equipped to lead Cloudflare‘s go-to-market strategies and success in the fast-paced tech industry.

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