AMS-IX Reaches Unprecedented 12 Tbps Milestone Amid Global Internet Use Surge

The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) reported a new record in Internet traffic flow, hitting a stunning 12 Terabits per second (Tbps) on the evening of Sunday, February 18. It’s a major milestone that highlights the growing need for digital connectivity.

The spike in traffic, which occurred at exactly 19:30 CET, would be part of a global trend of rising Internet use, especially in the evening when people are more inclined to interact with digital content indoors. This tendency would be particularly noticeable in the winter, underscoring the internet’s indispensable function in modern life and the increasing digitization of our surroundings.

This latest traffic peak at AMS-IX, one of the world’s leading Internet Exchange Points, is attributed to several key developments within the platform. Notably, the exchange has seen a substantial expansion in Amsterdam, with numerous networks upgrading their port capacities to accommodate the exchange of larger volumes of data. In response to the escalating demand for port capacity, AMS-IX has also introduced its first 400G customer ports on the Internet peering platform. The past year alone witnessed a 15% increase in 100G ports and a 12% rise in 10G ports, indicating a significant upsurge in data exchange requirements.

The CEO of AMS-IX, Peter van Burgel, expressed gratitude for the company’s accomplishment, particularly in light of its 30-year anniversary. He expressed his appreciation to all linked users and clients for their ongoing faith in AMS-IX’s offerings. This new traffic record of 12 Tbps would highlight the enormous volume of data traffic handled by AMS-IX. It is equivalent to the capacity to accommodate 100 million concurrent Fortnite players or roughly 6.4 million simultaneous TikTok video streams.”

AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is a neutral and independent association that operates several interconnection platforms globally. It offers services to providers and corporations involved in the internet sector, including telecom businesses, service providers, and cloud providers. By channeling their Internet traffic through AMS-IX, these entities gain access to secure, efficient, and fast network routes. This leads to a significantly enhanced digital experience for their users. Presently, AMS-IX has connections with over 1,000 IP networks worldwide.

AMS-IX also facilitates three exchanges specifically dedicated to mobile data roaming: the Global Roaming Exchange (GRX), the Mobile Data Exchange (MDX), and the Internetwork Packet Exchange (I-IPX).

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