HPE Aruba Incorporates genAI Search Tools into Network Management Platform

HPE Aruba employs proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs) to comprehend questions posed in its Networking Central platform, aiming to generate accurate and in-depth responses.

The utilization of AI-driven search tools in the company’s management platform is intended to support customers by providing comprehensive responses to queries regarding network arrangements, documentation, and other IT-related issues.

Several HPE-trained LLMs are being integrated into the search tools present in HPE Aruba Networking Central. This is their primary cloud-based management and orchestration platform for wired and wireless networks spanning various sites like campus, branch, and data centers.

In lieu of publicly available LLMs, HPE Aruba uses its own LLMs, giving the tools access to one of the industry’s most extensive data lakes. This data includes telemetry information from approximately four million network-managed access points, switches, and edge devices supporting around one billion unique customer endpoints, as explained by Alan Ni, HPE Aruba’s Senior Director of Edge Marketing.

“Our data science teams have analyzed some of the three million queries we’ve accumulated over time, and found a large amount of recurring questions about subjects such as configuration management. Questions like ‘how do I execute this task in my network environment,’ and ‘what are the consequences of adding an unfamiliar feature?’ constantly pop up” Ni explained. “Previously, we would direct you to a document which could range anywhere from five to fifty pages. The responsibility was on the end user to sift through this document and identify how to carry out a certain configuration or find a specific segment. Now, we produce distinct, fine-tuned responses and precise documentation to greatly heighten accuracy, speed, and detail,” said Ni.

“Understanding the user’s query accurately is the key to superior responses,” Ni asserted. “This can be a substantial time saver for network operators who are trying to locate a specific response within documentation.” 

The genAI LLM search support is currently available. It is integrated into HPE Aruba Networking Central’s AI Search feature and further builds on existing machine learning-based AI abilities to deliver deeper insights, improved analytics, and advanced skills, according to Ni.

HPE Aruba Networking Central guarantees client data is kept secure with their exclusive, specialized LLMs that strip out personally identifiable information, Ni specified.

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