Price Drop: Persona 3 Reload now only $40 on PlayStation and Xbox

Now’s your chance to save big on the recently released Atlus RPG.

By Steven Petite

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Twitter: @bitner_jon on April 12, 2024 at 4:16PM PDT

Persona 3 Reload is once again discounted to just $40 at Amazon and Best Buy right now. The discount applies to the PS5, PS4, and Xbox versions of the game, though you’ll want to double-check which platforms are in stock first. Best Buy has the PS5, PS4, and Xbox versions up for grabs, while Amazon just has PS5 and PS4 copies. Persona 3 Reload has dropped to $40 before but often sells out at this price, so grab the game while you can. The game is a remake of the classic PS2 RPG, but with all-new graphics, soundtrack, and voice cast, as well as quality-of-life enhancements that bring this entry more in line with Persona 5 Royal’s gameplay style.

It’s worth noting that Xbox users can play Persona 3 Reload on Game Pass. The Xbox disc version of Reload contains both the Series X|S and Xbox One versions of the game. PlayStation users have separate discs for PS4 and PS5, but the PS4 version contains a free upgrade to PlayStation 5.

GameStop currently has the collector’s edition of Persona 3 Reload for PS5 in stock, available at a discount of $10 off as part of an ongoing promotional deal for all purchases over $100. The Xbox version of the collector’s edition is also available at retail price at Amazon. This edition includes a Persona 3 Reload DLC Pack Voucher, an art book, a soundtrack, and an Aigis figure, all inside an exclusive collector’s box, priced at $200.

For PC gamers, Amazon is not your go-to place; instead head over to Fanatical. They have the standard, digital deluxe and digital premium editions of Persona 3 Reload available at discounted prices. The digital deluxe edition includes a digital art book and soundtrack, while the digital premium edition additionally includes the Persona 3 Reload DLC Pack.

After completing Persona 3, do not forget to browse through its manga adaptation.

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