A New Stylish Makeover for One of the Best Gaming Headsets

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro is now available in white, but it offers all the same premium features as its predecessor.

By Steven Petite and Jon Bitner on April 30, 2024 at 4:00PM PDT

The is one of the best gaming headsets of 2024 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It offers an ultra-comfortable design, superb audio, and quality noise-canceling tech rarely found in gaming headsets. It also offers versatile device compatibility and lots of customization. Nearly two years have passed since the Nova Pro’s launch, but this premium headset still feels advanced compared to much of the competition. Now, SteelSeries is expanding the Nova Pro roster by giving the premium gaming headset an alternative look. A joins the original black model.

The Arctis Nova Pro isn’t cheap. At $350, it’s one of the priciest gaming headsets, but you’re getting stellar audio and tons of gaming features for your investment. Plus, the Nova Pro remains the most comfortable headset GameSpot has tested, and the build quality is excellent. We’d say it’s the gaming equivalent of a top-notch pair of Bose or Sony headphones.

SteelSeries stuffed the sleek Nova Pro headset with a range of exciting features. Among these is an effective active noise cancellation system, while not as comprehensive as those found in premium non-gaming headphones, provides excellent ANC for a gaming headset. A transparent mode is available when you need to listen to your surroundings. The onboard AI greatly improves the retractable microphone’s clarity, and high-definition acoustic drivers deliver customizable, high-quality audio via the SteelSeries’ Sonar app.

The audio features of Xbox Series X|S and PS5 are supported by the Nova Pro including Windows Spatial Sound on Xbox and Tempest 3D Audio on PS5. PC gamers can also enjoy 360-degree spatial audio. The headset comes with EQ profiles out of the box, including game-specific audio presets for games like Fortnite. You also have the option to create custom profiles to match your preferences.

Unlike most wireless gaming headsets that connect through a 2.4GHz dongle, the Nova Pro includes a base station, or Multi-System Connect hub as named by SteelSeries. It can connect to two platforms simultaneously and automatically turns on and switches to the input of the console you’re currently playing on. The base station is fitted with an OLED display for adjusting audio settings.

The Nova Pro comes in Xbox, PlayStation, and PC-specific versions. While all three work across a wide range of devices, only the Xbox model is compatible with all current platforms. The PC and PlayStation versions, which operate across identical devices, do not support Xbox. In the Xbox model, one of the USB-C ports on the base station uses Microsoft’s proprietary wireless protocol, whereas the PC and PS5 versions have two standard USB-C ports. If you’re using both Xbox and PlayStation, the Xbox version is a better choice.

As of now, Best Buy is offering the PC version, whereas . It is anticipated that more listings will become available soon at Best Buy and possibly Amazon.

Besides providing low-latency wireless connections via the Multi-System Connect USB hub, the Nova Pro also delivers wireless syncing through Bluetooth with other gadgets, including Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and mobile devices‚ÄĒessentially all your devices that support Bluetooth audio. Bluetooth audio can be mixed with 2.4GHz wireless, allowing you to play online multiplayer games with your friends as you listen to different audio on your phone. The enclosed 3.5mm cable can be connected to compatible devices for wired listening.

Similar to other SteelSeries headsets, the Nova Pro incorporates a smart feature that enhances comfort. An adjustable elastic strip separates your head from the steel headband. This simple but practical feature helps adjust the headset’s tension, alleviating the discomfort commonly experienced with many gaming headsets during long gaming sessions. Soft leatherette earcups and a steel-enforced build complete the Nova Pro’s high-end appearance and feel.

The image below offers a closer look at the new white Nova Pro:

It’s also worth noting you can replace the elastic headband and speaker plates with different colors to change the look of the Nova Pro. The speaker plates also serve a functional purpose. The USB-C charging port is concealed by one, and the rechargeable battery is behind the other. The Nova Pro actually comes with two batteries, one of which is slotted in the base station and charges while your console or PC is on. Battery life, in our experience, is impressive at around 20 hours for Bluetooth and 35 hours when using 2.4GHz wireless. But if you run out of juice, you can quickly swap to the other battery, which will likely be fully charged.

If the original black Nova Pro goes better with your gaming setup or you simply don’t have a preference either way, you should know that Amazon is offering fairly substantial discounts on the black Nova Pro for all platforms. For a more in-depth look at this premium gaming headset, check out our SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro review.

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